Negroni Sbagliato drink, with Olivi Le Buche wines

Società Agricola Le Buche srl

The trend of recent years in Mixology? many and interesting. Often Barmen also include the use of wine!
Here at Olivi Le Buche we are happy to ride the wave as our wines are perfect for certain cocktails
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First of all it's nice to know the latest trends! We love to go out, more and more, with friends or colleagues for an aperitif, and we love to go out several times a week. For this reason we tend to lower the alcohol content of the cocktail, also to follow the healthy trends.
For this reason less liqueur cocktails are preferred, we go through thirst-quenching and mixed cocktails. Cherry, different types of vermouth and ... flavored wines are between favorite ones.

bold: (|Food pairing) is another trend of the moment. The food pairing has become fundamental, even during events, we tend to drink a cocktail throughout the meal or in combination with the first course and then we love to continue with a quality wine for the main course.
Cocktails are now back in force even in combination with desserts or as a substitute for sweets at the end of a meal.

At Relais Agriturismo La Sovana and Le Buche we love to amaze guests not only with our wines but by mixing them with other ingredients.

We love to experiment new things with our wines, this is why we decided to come out with our "cocktail creations". Every person here at La Sovana and Le Buche has his favourite!

Can we start with someone but Riccardo?
His preferred one is Negroni Sbagliato Le Buche style! A strong flavour, a masculine taste, intense!

Try it!


Campari 30 ml
le Buche Orcia Doc red 30 ml
Zelia brut sparkling wine 30 ml
Orange or lemon ½ slice
Ice cubes

In an old fashioned glass put some ice 3/4 of the glass), pour Campari, Le Buche Orcia Doc red wine, and Spumante (sparkling wine), stir and garnish with a slice of orange.

Riccardo's suggestion:
Riccardo loves to shake Orcia Doc and Campari with some ice before pouring it on the glass and add Spumante.

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