Meet the team: LUCIA
logistic and sales assistant

Società Agricola Le Buche srl

A company is also made up of people, faces and people encounters. Giuseppe and Riccardo Olivi know it well, so they have wanted people to be confident of, people who in their respective fields are able to manage the work with enthusiasm and skills.
Last time we talked about Marino, our cellar man, key-person for the control of wines at the moment of fermentation and to follow their evolution.
This time we focus on another important operational figure: Lucia.

Lucia is our logistic and sales assistant.
This summer, many of you have met her during visits to the cellar or when planning your wine tasting by email or by telephone.
Hospitality is certainly in her strings, having previously dealt with front offices and receptions in Country Resort in the area.

With the new job at the winery, her work has become more complex. In fact, hospitality and guest welcoming have become the minor part of all activities overlooking during the year.
Do you know who receives the orders, processes them, prepares the shipments, and fills up the many forms for importers abroad?
Um... yes exactly, Lucia! With a humorous touch, we wanted to represent her in the pic above almost "submerged" between boxes, PCs, documents and bottles! Not so far from reality! 😊

Actually, Lucia is keen to apologize and clarify that if a shipment does not arrive at its destination in the correct way or late... it is not her fault! She is constantly fighting with couriers, monitoring shipments, sending strong emails if things don't go as they should! In short, if you want to order, be sure that your best ally is Lucia! Trust her! 😉

Her role is also to help Riccardo in the administrative part (winery certifications, sample analysis management and so on).
In short, here is another important facet of our company, we are happy to have her with us!

Would you like to know more about her private life?
Biologist, in love with her cats (she has 2: Due and Pinuccio), vegetarian, when not working she likes to experiment in haute patisserie desserts.

Fun fact:
Huge Star Wars fan, at work she only drinks tea in her Darth Vader and the Sith cup.

Her favorite wines at Le Buche?
Zelia Brut
Chianti Docg 2016

To be exact, our rosé Zelìa brut followed her on a beautiful sailing holiday with friends on the sea-crossing between Tuscany and Corsica.
It seems that the Zelìa has behaved deliciously, accompanying very well the “crew”. We can’t say the same thing of her cats at home! 😉
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