Meet the team: MARIN
our Cellar Master

Società Agricola Le Buche srl

We put our faces on this! We are sure you are curious to see who is behind the scene and who are right arms of Giuseppe & Riccardo on doing works on the Winery.
In this new column we try to introduce you our key persons! And who's more "key person" then Marin?
Marin is working at Olivi le Buche Winery from 2004. Curious about his history and about his "tools of the trade"? discover more here below.

Marino, originally from Romania, arrives in Italy and settled in Fregene where "when he was young" as he says, he was a lifeguard and handyman, in a famous and well-frequented baths "Good times...", he says.

He arrives in Le Buche where Marin's brother was already working (His brother soon after had to follow his researcher wife to New Zealand, where he still continues to deal with vineyards and cellars).
He learns part of the secrets from his brother, the rest comes through a wonderful collaboration with Riccardo Olivi that has lasted for 17 years now!


Marin is always present, attentive, has a very important historical memory of the cellar and over time, he has become an excellent wine taster.

His favorite wine? TEMPORE
he says he drinks little, but when he uncorks a bottle he enjoys a nice Tempore 90% of the time.

His "tools of the trade"?
We wanted to shoot him with a specific tool for washing barriques.


A very useful tool that allows the barriques to be washed in place, instead of having to move them outside one by one and wash them with a hose with poor results in terms of pressure.

It is an excellent tool for sanitizing and cleaning bottling lines and barrels, as it can reach the most difficult points thanks to a double swirl of the water jet, and thanks to the powerful steam jet.

the tool eliminates any type of residue, bacteria and encrustations, leaving the surfaces dry. It is a completely ecological system as no chemicals are used.

For us this was an important choice: Olivi Le Buche Winery always try to work in a conscious way and respecting nature and the health of our customers.

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