Fiorella's favorite Honey Honey with Olivi Le Buche wines

Società Agricola Le Buche srl

We love to go ahead with our summer column about Cocktails! After presenting Riccardo's favorite, we are really glad to share the one Fiorella loves and invented!
Honey Honey is the ONLY name to this cocktail since it is a sweet one made by our sweetest person: FIORELLA.
Nothing would be possible at La Sovana without her smiles, suggestions and... cocktails!
How is Honey Honey mixed? It is all about our Vendemmia Tardiva, Zelìa Brut and tonic water! here recipe:

HONEY HONEY by Fiorella

Vendemmia Tardiva Olivi Le Buche 30 ml
Zelìa brut Olivi Le Buche 60 ml
Tonic water (depends on your tastes)
1 slice of lemon
1 slice of orange
few ice cubes to shake

In a shaker mix the Vendemmia Tardiva Olivi Le Buche with few ice cubes. In the meantime, mix Zelìa Brut and tonic water in a large glass, finally add the shaken Vendemmia tardiva.
Serve immediately with a slice of lemon and a slice of orange!
Enjoy your Cocktail!
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