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Rent a private villa fo rYour exclusive holiday in Tuscany countryside

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When considering booking a holiday, the most common inclination for most people is to look for a hotel, or b&b or resort.
Even though hotels are commonly used by a large number of people, If you’re planning to base yourself in just one, or even two places, rather than touring, consider the many advantages of a villa versus a hotel stay.

the Villa

Here are a few to get you thinking.

More space
One of the biggest advantages that come with hiring a villa is getting all that extra space. Hotels have very limited space. Even the biggest hotel suites are limited In terms of space. One the other end, villas offer you a massive space to be able to comfortably settle in.

More Privacy
No matter how private a hotel is, there are still a large number of people staying in the hotel. Well villas are extremely private. You get to have space for yourself and irrelevant people do not have access to your rented property. This means you can conduct your vacation in privacy and have a great time instead of worrying about your privacy.

More Amenities
Whiling staying at a hotel, you only get to have a limited number of amenities. On the contrary, renting a villa is like having your own private home. You get to have access to a large number of different amenities. These include laundry, kitchen stuff, and other entertainment options.

Better Value For Money
Renting a villa provides you with great value for your money. For longer stays, villas offer access to kitchens, multiple bathrooms and other options that definitely make it a better investment over time.

Perfect for larger families
For larger families, it is extremely important to have adequate spacing. A lot of times in hotels, larger families have to split up in multiple rooms. You get to involve every member of the family into the festivities and have a great time. The allocation of multiple rooms and space allows efficient management similar to living in your own house. The villa is also much more affordable compared to renting multiple rooms in a hotel.

Due to all the reasons listed above, villas are the perfect destination for you to relax and have a great time with your family. While on a vacation, you get to feel right at the comfort of your home with all the amenities and space you want without breaking your pocket.
And Villa Le Buche Villa Le Buche is the result of experience gained in the hospitality industry developed from the '90s by the Olivi family with Agriturismo La Sovana.

the pool

Villa Le Buche is a beautiful luxury villa rental with private pool and spa, located on the grounds of the wine estate Olivi- Le Buche Winery, the villa is an ideal venue for weddings, events, parties, business retreats or unforgettable, relaxing vacation with family and friends in the midst of vineyards, olive groves, woods, and tranquillity.

Villa Le Buche offers 13 bedrooms, and large indoor and outdoor spaces, it can sleep up to 26 people in an elegant, refined setting.


The property is made up of a main villa with 8 bedrooms, and a guest annex (just meters away) with 5 bedrooms. Access to the property is via about 3 km of unpaved road in excellent condition
If you seek a unique, exclusive spot, Villa Le Buche is for you! A private pool with panoramic views, and a well-equipped spa make this a fantastic destination for lovers of Tuscany and good living.

Here wine lovers have the chance to see a dynamic winery up close, where high quality wine is produced with attention to detail and passion for the land. The wine is born on 27 hectares of vineyards, and aged in a cellar with over 200 barrels and barriques before bottling. Then the wine can take its place at the table alongside the traditional specialties of Tuscan cuisine. Villa Le Buche is the place for wine and food tourism! During your vacation you can taste the wine, as well as purchase some to enjoy at home.

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