PUGNITELLO: Real Tuscany Personality

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Do you know Pugnitello?
Pugnitello is a native grape varietal of Tuscany which takes its name from the small cluster of berries that has the size of a fist (pugno). Pugnitello behaves as a real Tuscan: it is sharp, frank and straight. As a native Tuscan, it is at its best when challenged.
We love to compare it to a historical italian cyclist who was used to energize himself with Chianti wine during the Tour de France in the 50/60's! We also love to compare it to the great personality of its poducers, Giuseppe and Riccardo Olivi who strongly wanted to start again the production of this grape variety in their property. It is a wine full of personality and with a strong territorial imprint. Its taste, its story and its rarity and unique label will for sure leave a mark!

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