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 vini per bbq

Ready to light up the fire? At the Olivi Le Buche Winery we are ready to start the barbecue season and we have some special recommendations for you, because a good BBQ can’t be without good wine pairing.

Can you imagine a sunny day outside with your barbecue without a good bottle of wine? Take care of your self and your guests and treasure our advises!

First of all, no grill master can resist in front of the heat of a grill without a good refreshing glass of wine. I mean, refreshing, easy and drinkable: bubbles!

A beautiful day always start with bubbles of sparkling wine, coming out from the ice. This is always much appreciated for who’s in front of the fire and by the people sitting and chatting waiting for the meal.

Zelìa Rosé Brut is the wine! Syrah 100%, fine and elegant, with enough personality to start a day dedicated to good food!

 grilled vegetables

Go light for the first course of your meal, enjoy some vegetables, gorgeous when grilled. Both children and your vegan or vegetarian friends will appreciate a lot. Nothing complicated just some zucchinis, some onions or eggplants.

Grilled vegetables are so easy and tasty with some spices and with some drops of Extra virgin Olive Oil. Our Tuscany variety EVO from La Sovana is perfect for both meat and vegetables for its personality: bitter and spicy taste, persistence on the mouth.

Perfect pairing with La Sovana Extra virgin Olive Oil and vegetables is our Orhora 2020. An aromatic white wine, with fantastic perfumes which will be ok also if you decide to grill some fish like salmon, or Mackerel accompanied with some tomatoes bruschetta: let’s go Mediterranean style!

But the real star of Barbecue, we all know, is the meat. No matter what you prefer, chicken, sausages, ribs, steak. All of them gain special flavors and become really tasty if well cooked on a BBQ.

We leave you the choice. We just want you to focus on the best wine pairing for each cut of meat for bbq.


Pork Ribs:
A BBQ classic. There are various different cuts of pork ribs which range in size. All are excellent to cook on the bbq but require slightly different cooking methods.
Focus on wine, we suggest you a Chianti Superiore DOCG Olivi Le Buche 2015: with its acidity and young tannins will help to clean your mouth by the excess of fat and will balance very well the spicy side of the meat.

Grilled Burger:
Another classic everybody love is a good grilled burger. For a juicy, flavorful burger, skip the extra-lean ground beef patty blends and use ground beef with a higher fat content. Best is 80% lean beef and 20% fat. Here we use fantastic Chianina from local farmers and butchers.
Best pairing is our Le Buche Orcia Doc 2010, the perfect combine for the presence of Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese. Try it, you will be surprised! Above all if you will add some cheese and spicy sauces to your burger!

Grilled loin lamb chops:
For those who love Lamb, a really flavorful meat normally cooked with herbs and spices according to different recipes of the world, we have a great suggestion:
Try lamb with spicy and deep Syrah and the pairing will be amazing.
Memento Igt Toscana 2010 50% Sangiovese and 50% Syrah will be a great companion for your loin lamb chops and it will be difficult to abandon it: you will soon be tented to open a second bottle!


Fiorentina Steak Italian Tuscany T-bone style:
In Tuscany, with some good sausages on a side of the grill, is the real king. Choose one piece of meat which has been first aged enough, ask to your butcher about the best steak. Cook it with nothing else: no salt, no spices. Don’t pierce it with forks when turning it on the grill to avoid any juice loss. At first place it vertically on the grill, to let enter heat from the bone. Then grille it on both sides.
Don’t forget that a Fiorentina steak have to be served underdone.
Best pairing: our Tempore Igt Toscana 2010, a bordolaise blend, with a powerful, amazing personality.

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