Tuscany of Wine that appeals all the world
2 Tuscan cities to visit if you love wine

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We know how much Italy and Tuscany in particular is loved in the world for its artistic, cultural and landscape beauties but also for its typical products from salami to pasta, from meats to desserts to wine, excellence of our tradition.

Forbes talks about us
We had the pleasure to read a nice article recently published on Forbes entitled: "Why you should check out these 6 awesome italian and french wine towns", written by Catherine Sabino where 2 of the 3 Italian cities to visit are absolutely Tuscan and very close to us. These are two small towns that have made the history of Italian wine: Montepulciano and Montalcino.

A few steps from our "Cantina Le Buche", Montepulciano has a great charm so much that many directors have chosen it as the setting for their films, some become milestones of cinematography as "The English Patient" or "In the name of the Pope king" , others however famous have brought the Tuscan countryside to be even more loved and appreciated in the world, we think for example to "Under the sun of Tuscany" or "New Moon" or even to the television series "I Medici" that saw Dustin Hoffman as main character.

The Montepulciano wine, the much appreciated Nobile, is rich in flavors and aromas based on Sangiovese. It is a well structured and complex wine suitable for aging and perfect both to accompany the great dishes of the Tuscan tradition and as a meditation wine.

Located between the hills of the Val d'Orcia, it offers its visitors what is probably one of the most beautiful and fascinating views of the valley. Also in this case the undisputed king Sangiovese from which the famous "Brunello" is born, a strong wine with character that has conquered the most demanding palates and that has brought the little Montalcino to be known wherever you talk about good wine.
Here you can visit many wineries open to the public for tastings of various kinds as well as walking in one of the most fascinating and rich in history of Tuscany.

And then…
If you are passionate about wine we suggest you to visit the Val d'Orcia to discover a young DOC that in the space of a few years has managed to make its way among the connoisseurs, earning a place among the best Tuscan wines, we are talking about the DOC Orcia.
Founded in February 2000, also in this case the Sangiovese is the undisputed master and gives the Orcia DOC wines that particular taste of good Tuscan wines.
Under the Orcia DOC brand you will find red, white, rosé wines and excellent vinsanto to be discovered.

Le Buche Winery
Our "Le Buche Winery" is located right in the middle of this magical land and here grow our grapes that, cured at any time with the utmost attention and passion, give life to wines of the highest quality such as our "Sangiovese" of the "I Puri" line, our "Coreno" DOC Orcia, "Pugnitello" or "Memento" or "Tempore".
Come and visit us in the Cellar for a tasting and discover all our wines!

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