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Società Agricola Le Buche srl

The growing online wine market who now, for time and convenience, also won the traditionalists. Purchase wine online is easy, convenient and fast, and in a few days we can enjoy bottles from all over the world.

Even the wines from the winery Buche are present in the link: (/catalogo/GB/rif000001/prod000001/Wine|ONLINE STORE) of our website and to offer all our customers the opportunity to choose and enjoy our finest wines, we started this in 2017 with a series of offers designed just for those who like to choose the best wines and have a more rich wine cellar.

Let's see together our latest proposals:

6 bottles, two for each type of red starting from Le Buche and moving Memento and Tempore. Three wine symbol of our territory and of our winery perfectly matching with traditional dishes, red meats and game, but it can also be paired with cheeses or meats.

vini rossi

RED WINES FOR WINTER again offering a selection of reds to warm up your winter with taste. Among the wines offered here also Pugnitello, a very special wine produced from the ancient grape variety bears the same name and which was recently rediscovered. Le Buche winery is among the few Tuscan wineries to produce even after it has gone almost lost because of his lack of productivity.

Increasingly dedicated those who love red wines with our offer ASSORTMENT RED will enrich your wine cellar 18 bottles of Memento, Tempore and Le Buche. An excellent opportunity to buy at a bargain price.

Cantina Le Buche

Finally, for those who want to learn to know our winery and wants "a bit 'of everything" with DISCOVER THE CELLAR HOLE will have an assortment of 12 bottles of our best production from red like Le Buche, Memento and Tempore, to whites as Coreno and Orhora , until our Zelia Zelia Rosé and Brut Rosé.


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