The food-wine pairing secrets

Società Agricola Le Buche srl

For every wine lover creating a correct food pairing suggestions it is fundamental to enjoy it at its best while dining and yet it is not always that easy. If you are new, it is not easy to tell at a glance what food fits perfectly with wine. Basically there are three different schools of thought: the English one the Frenchone and Italian.

We can say that the English school gives priority to personal taste and is based on individual choice. In practice this school of thought the right combination depends only on subjective assessments.

Very different is the thought of the French school, which does indeed contain well-defined rules such as the white wines may be served with red meats or game, white wines should be served before red wines or that you should not serve a single wine per meal.

Finally the currency Italian school in each case is the best solution, taking into account the specific characteristics of each food thta is matched by tradition (ie combining traditional regional wines with local dishes) or correlation or opposition. This last type of pairing, also is introduced by AIS, they take into account the basic tastes and sensations related to organized food and wine pairings.


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