An ancient grape variety for an excellent wine

Società Agricola Le Buche srl

Among the wines of our cellar suscita is often of particular interest “Pugnitello”, a wine of 100% Pugnitello this antique Tuscan variety rediscovered recently
and which are a few that produce and are familiar.

Today I want to tell you a little of its history of this particular grape variety, It is a native grape variety of Tuscany which takes its name from the small clusters, large as fist. This characteristic does not offer growers the possibility of producing large quantities of wine, that brought this virtually the disappearing from the Tuscan countryside up until, 1987, the University of Florence promoted a project to save this toscano varietal heritage, with the intent to preserve the least used species. Through this project we have been able to rediscover,
among others, even Pugnitello and Le Buche we decided to bring it into vogue by producing a great wine, with a unique label, full of personality, and a strong territorial imprint and a taste which leaves its mark.


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