How many things do you know on wine

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The passion for Italians toward wine seems to be increasing and yet, between tasting classes and various readings, even appears to be something that we do not know. Here are some curiosity about the world of wine that perhaps you did not know!

1. Did you know that the highest vineyard in Europe is in Italy? Precisely in Cortina d'Ampezzo at an altitude of 1350 m.l.m.

2. Wine is aliment full of substances that are good for our body, if drunk not exceeding they recommend it,

3. The most expensive wine in the world? Hard to say, certainly falls into the category of Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992, a Californian red sold at an auction for charity, the modest sum of $ 500,000

4. The Vino Nobile of Montepulciano

5. The amount of wine produced in Italy could fill almost 2,000 Olympic swimming pools

6. The first to produce wine in Italy were the Greeks around 1000 BC

7. Open a bottle of Champagne can be dangerous, in fact its own stopper can reach a speed of 106 Km / h

8. The white wines could also be produced with red berried grapes

9. Have you ever asked what is the variety most commonly grown grapes in the world? Cabernet Sauvignon

10. Finally, for all lovers of bubbles let's dispel a real fake: putting a teaspoon in the open bottle does not help to maintain the sparkling wine!

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