Giuseppe Olivi presents the new Sangiovese vineyard (work in progress)

Società Agricola Le Buche srl

A new vineyard is being planted!
Giuseppe and Riccardo Olivi are excited to announce that another plot of land of our property will be dedicated to Sangiovese, Tuscany varietal's champion. After the acquisition of new land, this amazing hill, on front of Il Poderino farmhouse, became immediately Giuseppe's dream for new vineyard.
After discussion and confirmation by our oenologist Andrea Paoletti, it was clear that the combination between climate, aspect and soils composition is perfect for Sangiovese which is a notoriously complicated grape to grow.

Sangiovese and a bit of Trebbiano are planted, the last one is important to increase a bit the production of white wine Coreno, really appreciated by our clients!

Curious to see how to plant the vineyard and to learn something about Sangiovese rootstock grafting?

watch the video here!
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