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Orhora is a white wine based on the varieties Verdicchio, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc. Its particularity is due to the position of vineyard it comes from, situated on the top of the hill at 430 metres a.s.l. with a Nord-Eastern exposition. This vineyard is the first to see the new born day and to receive the caressing light of the sun rays. The grapes are hand-picked early in the morning and then immediately brought and worked in the winery. The most of the single varieties is fermented separately, the Verdicchio is partly barrel-fermented and partly fermented in stainless steel tanks, while the Viognier and the Sauvignon Blanc are both barrel-fermented. The barrels are all used, the ageing of the wine in barriques and stainless steel lasts about 5 months. The wine obtained is round, complex and fresh at the same time, with a good structure and acidity. The ageing in a bottle lasts minimum 2 months.

Bottle size: 75 cl capacity

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