LE BUCHE 2010 official wine
of Saar International Music Festival

Società Agricola Le Buche srl

We are really glad to announce that LE BUCHE 2010 is the official wine of the SAAR INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL, in Germany.
Located in the heart of Europe The Saar International Music Festival was founded in 1989 and since the beginning formed an important pillar in the cultural landscape of the Saarland, in southwestern Germany, Luxembourg and France. This gave the opportunity to focus on the theme of crossing borders, which is one of the foundation of the European Idea.
Bernhard Leonardy is the soul of this social project which wanted to open even more the "ideal frontiers" because, he says, "we feel connected to European cooperation, what could be more beautiful if combining music, nature and culture together with good wine".
Wine is also culture and Olivi Le Buche wines listen to the music every single day!

The Saar Music Festival aims to promote emerging artists, seeks the involvement of civic choirs, experimental groups and youth engagement.

The range of concerts therefore ranges from symphonic concerts, chamber concerts, recitals, concerts of different genres, new music and street concerts to the creation of the French "Concerts de poche" in the Saarland.

The Saar Music Festival has established itself in the last 30 years to count about 25 concerts a year with more than 15,000 media spectators and a promoting association of 1000 members.
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