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Spring vibes finally!
Just put it all behind us and breathe! fresh air, blooming trees, little daisies on the grass. Let's be in touch with nature again!
It is with this feeling that we had the idea of a new Winery Experience: Picnic with a view, (you can find details here ), for giving opportunity to our guests to have lunch "en plein air".

With the same desire we want to share with you our new tasting box dedicated to the best wines for a Picnic. So don't you think it's the right time to have them and put in your fridge-box?

For your seaside picnic, for mountain camping or simply for your "al fresco" lunch we propose you an enyoable selection:

- 2 bottles of Orhora Bianco Igt Toscana New vintage is out!!
- 1 bottle of Zelìa still rosé Igt Toscana
- 1 bottle of sparkling Zelìa rosé Brut
- 2 bottles of Memento Ocia DOC Riserva Red

With this light and nice tasting box you will enjoy all Tuscany countryside perfumes ad Memento will be the perfect end of a beautiful day dedicated to your personal regeneration.
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